19 September 2013


"If it was meant to be..
The hands wouldn't be empty"

24 August 2013

what life brings..

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be"
- Douglas AdamsThe Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

14 August 2013


Old stoned walls I see
when I break from sleep
Incomplete pictures I draw
on the dusty floor..

My leg gets hurt!
as the chain tightens..
Yes! I’m a prisoner
chained, for a reason unknown

Through the grilled windows,
I gaze at the birds
those fly merrily,
in the happy sky.
And, I wish I was one
among them, flying
to an unknown land, with
no regrets on the past,
no worries for the future,
living a life so small
To the fullest!
Each day, each second..

But yes! I’m the prisoner
who dreams each day
to smile so bright
with all my heart..
And yes! I’m the prisoner
who waits for death
with small dreams
chained along..

28 August 2012

Life gets funnY

This guy is amaaaaaaaazzzzing!!!

 ps: i love his teeeeeeeth :D

14 June 2012

was i that idiotic? really?? :D

10 long years back..
I was dressed myself in a gown.. which was gifted by my uncle on my birthday.
I danced dramatically, holding the hand and shoulder of an imaginary prince..on top of my bed!
Charmed by my prince's smile, i tripped off from bed, straight to the floor which was not even tiled!!

I still rub my forehead whenever that idiotic scene comes to my mind..
like what mr.Harry potter does!!! :O :D

12 January 2012

Drops of hope..

In the moonlight
near the dark river..
dipping my legs
in the chill water!
feeling the rhythm,
of this moving current..

I sat over the moist rock
hugging, the misty wind..

Not a sound
could I hear..
except that
of some far away bird,
crying for its mate.!

The time went past me
The moon, still brighter
up in the sky! and,
the clouds floated away..

I still sat..staring
at its depths!
My eyes, they were in search
of a lost piece- my dream
Once made, but lost
still lingering in my heart
the tang, and its essence!

There I felt,
the warmth of tears
kissing my cheeks, as if
consoling my lost mind..
and my heavy heart!!

07 November 2010

I wish...

Here is a a small wish of mine :)

I'd like to do a trip...a loooooong one.
Destination will be around some mountain.A calm place with a chilly climate,fade sunlight and indigo clouds.

I'll go in an ambassador car, wearing my favorite black tee and dark blue jeans.
The car will move slow..along the margin of the road with almost zero traffic! I'll put my hands out of the fully opened window, feeling the chill wind to the maximum!

I will pass by a woods then..which will be almost empty with old benches. Spending some time there,sinking in the silence, I'll resume my journey...no cell phone will I take..for it spoils the taste of my trip.

I'll pass by a clear lake, which carries the reflections of the clouds,high above! Rolling over the dark green meadows i will sit upon a rock dipping my legs in the cold water,feeling the tickles by those tiny fishes.

And then I'll reach my destination. A small tent will I make ready near a pond, to enjoy the days of fulfillment and refreshment.........!

(Actually, I was inspired by the movie 'Into the wild' and then this wish popped up ;) )


27 August 2010

Oh my friend

           Chill wind blew in..
          through the half closed window.
          slowly, like an intruder!
          carrying the essence 
          of darkness! outside..
The tone, of lifeless waves
lapped in my ears.
It came in,slowly, slowly
without any haste.

I laid awake,cuddled
by its soft hands.

The wind made the balloons
dance in the air!
which laid on the floor
as the remnant,of a grand celebration!

I am happy..happier than ever!
sudden thoughts creeping over me,
of you,
who made me 'what I am'!

You helped me,in my troubles
as a dutiful friend
cared me,when I longed for it,
as a loving brother.

It was you,who gave me
a hand, at those sad nights,
But..I couldn't make you smile!

I learned from you,
the true meaning of life..
you taught me,the
first lessons of hard work.
And I listened, locked it safe,
to achieve a good tomorrow...

But, what happened between 
You and Me?
Love had nothing to do with it
neither hate!
I looked at the fading Polaroid 
photos, and
tried to believe they are happening...
But, you and me,not happening!

Iterating thoughts..tranquility!!

I still believe,
You'll one day, step into my life
like this cool breeze
and take me back
to those beautiful days !

Remembering you..

( The italicised stanza is purely et's contribution )

26 August 2010


I'd like to share some amazing snaps here, framed by my friend with a little editing in some pics..

I was really really attracted to the photo album of this guy,so that with his permission I'm displaying some of his works , here at mushrooms..

 confronted by the mysteries..
into the dissolution..
impulse of creation..
with the rhythm of nature..
0 editing
secular atmosphere
at the terminating edge..

One of the point of amazement is this.., that these pictures were all taken from different places at my homeland -kannur, which has now become a main point of interest in the tourist map of kerala!!

23 August 2010

let's welcome together

flower carpet laid at home
Celebration of flowers
celebrating united
Grand parents and grandchildren,
we do celebrate together..
New dress and new games
and, a delicious lunch
also, a lot more fun
Thus..we welcome a new year
of happiness, health and prosperity !

Proud to be a malayalee...!!

HAPPY ONAM  to all :-)